August 14, 2018

Here is a detail of a new painting, Blue with Stripes, that I have been working on for the last few months.  

For this painting the palette-triangles began with a base of inked lines. While a wash of blues was still wet, I painted in soft pastels.

When laying out the palette triangles I began to add bands of contrasting color.

October 9, 2015

If you can make it to the SV/SF Art Fair this weekend, please see my painting, Blue Nocturne (e) (left) at Gallerie Citi's installation.

September 14, 2015

You can see the variations in the blues in blue nocturne (e).  I used india ink and a dark blue writing ink to create the "Goltzius"-like lineality.  The dark blue ink when applied to wet paper separated into other colors, mostly a rusty red which added a subtle undertone.

September 9, 2015




These are the last few pieces needed to complete blue nocturne (e).

September 3, 2015

Here are "paintings" that I just fabricated or "mixed"  to add to blue nocturne (e)'s color palette.  These "palette paintings" have since been cut into triangles and will supplement the existing palette. Generally, only a third of each "palette painting" will be used. Because there are many triangles remaining from previous paintings, I do take from those palettes to create the painting I am currently working on, in this case blue nocturne (e).

August 26, 2015

blue nocturne (e) (24" x 24") should be completed in the next few weeks.  I think that this "might" be the last in this series, at least for now.  I love that there are so many variations to the color blue so even though I may say this is the last, it probably isn't.  

July 21, 2015

Here is a detail of blue nocturne (e).  The ink and painted line reflects the influence of Goltzius's beautiful lines...drawn or etched.  For me, it is unusual to use black ink or black, and I think, it gives the color a luminous or "stained glass" quality.   The horizonal lines also produce a sense of movement.

July 18, 2015

(Hendrick Goltzius, Dutch (active Haarlem) - Sine Cerere et Libero friget Venus (Without Ceres and Bacchus, Venus Would Freeze) Created: c. 1600-1603)



This is my inspiration for the new painting I am working on:  blue nocturne (e).  It is not the image content, but the linear quality of Goltzius's drawings and engravings.

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